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Sep 20

[REID SPEED], Resound mix.


1.Ben Sage- Sleepless- Loadstar Remix (intro)
2. Random Movement- Heard It In My Head
3. L33- Tracer
4. Lm1- Short Story
5. Lynx & Hellrazor feat. Naomi Pryor- Locked on the Low
6. Konichi- Helense
7. Whoisthis- Dark Rooms
8. Amit- Killer Driller
9. Ray Keith- Dread Master
10. B Cloud- Deeper (Enei Remix)
11. Myselor- Vibes
12. Cause4Concern- Paranormal (BTK Remix)
13. Prolix feat. MC Coppa - Interlace
14. Audio + Mindscape- Jarhead
15. Tipper- Shatter Box
16. Human Error- Contact
17. Artificial Intelligence- Broken Grounds
18. Hoogs- Sociopath VIP
19. TC- Do You Rock
20. Dream Mclean- Netowrk
21. Sinistarr feat. Tim Reaper- Rave Juke
22. Dank- New York Fuckin City (Dank’s NYC Trap Remix)
23. I Found You (DC Breaks Remix)
24. High Maintenance- Drop It
25. Excision feat. Messinian- X Rated (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
26. Konichi- Tools of the Trade
27. Mark Knight, Skin- Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix)
28. Sudden Def & Wickaman- A Warning
29. Specimen A- Slam Dunk (Inside Info Remix)
30. Body & Soul & Fourward- Tequila Worm
31. Prolix feat. MC Coppa- On Like That
32. 12th Planet & Antiserum- Bass Salt
33. Monstar- Face Fucking Bass

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