just when you thought you were "alternative", you find an alternative for your alternative. don't put me/ yourself in a box. find something "new" in this array of sounds...

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「th k dzc ntf th m」


Aug 25

vibe 『HOTZ4ME』(Abjo Remix).

Aug 19

leatherface 『Ghetto Dope』, TRACK RUNNERS VOLUME 2.

[MIKE GAO] / [MIGAMO], Don’t Fake The Data Volume 1.

slick shoota 『Candy Tool』

Aug 17

schwarz 『Hands Up Don’t Shoot』

Aug 11

rustie feat. danny brown 『Attak』, GREEN LANGUAGE.

Aug 7

Jul 3

old english 『Rotten』, UNDER THE HOOD 2. prod. by [MAINFRAME].

Jun 16

busdriver feat. aesop rock & danny brown 『Ego Death』, PERFECT HAIR. prod. by [JEREMIAH JAE].

May 9

813 『Prpl Drunc』 (Pixellord Remix).

May 8

[FELIX DA HOUSECAT] interview w/ DJ TechTools.

May 7

「THA BEST TO DO IT, mixed by [TRAXMAN]. in memory of [DJ RASHAD].

flying lotus feat. laura darlington 『Phantasm』.

May 5


「[NARDWUAR] vs. [BUN B].

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