just when you thought you were "alternative", you find an alternative for your alternative. don't put me/ yourself in a box. find something "new" in this array of sounds...

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Apr 14

showyousuck 『All Wavy Everything』, DUDE BRO EP.

Apr 1

「live synth session w/ [TIMOTHY J. FAIRPLAY] for FACT TV.

gil scott-heron 『Alien』 (Hold On To Your Dreams), NOTHING NEW.

jungle 『Busy Earnin’』

Mar 28

walter gross 『Angeldust』 ROTOCRAFT LP.

Mar 23

mike gao 『Because I’m Free』 (What Would You Do For Some Paper?)

Mar 20

slick shoota 『Murda Tool』

「Proletarian French Voguers, featuring [LASSEINDRA] of [HOUSE OF NINJA].

Mar 19

Sampha 『Can’t Get Close』 (Sinistarr Edit)


Mar 12

「[SLUGABED] on Boiler Room London.

Mar 10

fat transfer 『Giving Up』 (Fortunecat aka Drederick_Fouglass Edit).

Mar 5

off! 『Hypnotized』, WASTED YEARS.

Mar 3

homeboy sandman 『Bad Meaning Good』, WHITE SANDS.

ghostpoet 『Dial Tones』, SOME SAY I SO I SAY LIGHT.

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